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Wheel Detailing

Wheel Detailing

My boyfriend game me the BEST GIFT EVER last spring when he brought my car into Portland Detailing and had it fully detailed for me!

Being a single mom on a tight budget, and being the owner of 2 big slobbery dogs, I don’t drive one of the most expensive or newest of vehicles on the road. Fact is I have a “mom car” and that being the case I had sort of resigned myself to the idea that my vehicle was destined to have that “well used” look and smell to it. Boy was I ever proven wrong on this one! When my car came back from being detailed I hardly recognized it, I mean WOW! This car has been around for going on 11 years and suddenly had that new car smell again! When my brother in-law first saw it he thought I had traded it in for a newer model, and even now (though it has been more than 6 months) he still talks about how great a job they did on my car to make it look so new and shiny, inside and out!

Thank you Portland Detailing – you guys rock!!

~ E. S.

After researching area services, I chose to go to Portland Detailing. I was not disappointed! They made my six year old SUV look showroom new both inside and out! I will definitely be back and have recommended Portland Detailing to others.

~ D.G.

Our Honda Element faithfully served our family of labradors through puppyhood, endless mud seasons, salty winters, year-round beach trips, and uncontrollable amounts of shedding. When it came time to sell, we brought it to Portland Detailing and barely recognized it when we returned. It honestly looked better than when we first purchased it from the dealer. The outside panels looked brand new and the interior was spotless – not one trace a dog had ever been inside! The icing on the cake – it sold in less than 24 hours of listing. Thanks!!

~ R.D.

A while back, were in the process of listing our Honda CR-R for sale. I had never been to Portland Detailing, but was referred by a friend who said “you won’t get a better job anywhere”. Thinking those were bold words, I booked an appointment. When I walked in after it was done, I thought I was looking at a different vehicle. It literally looked brand new inside and out, and it was 5 years old! I couldn’t have done this if I’d spent a month on it. Jason was good enough to let me take photos of it right on site for my for sale listing.

The best part of the story is that I listed the vehicle for sale that night at 7:30 p.m., and within 24 hours it was sold to the 1st person to look at
it and at full asking price. They couldn’t believe how good it looked, and the sale never would have gone as smooth and most importantly, I think I probably got an extra $1000 on the price just because of the condition. It was simply that good, and that easy. The best money I ever spent.

~ J.R.

Interior Detailing

Interior Detailing